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Resource Base for Children with a Hearing Impairment

The Willows Primary School is host to the Local Authority’s Primary Resource Base for children with a Hearing Impairment.

The Resource Base provides specialist educational support in a mainstream setting for children who have a primary need of hearing impairment, some of the children may have additional learning or physical needs.

The deaf children at the Resource Base are on roll at The Willows Primary School and are fully included in all aspects of the mainstream school.

The Willows Primary School provides acoustically friendly rooms and a full sound field system. The Resource Base has a suite of purpose built rooms with an audiology suite including consulting room facilities, and two further rooms for individual and small group work.

The Teacher of the Deaf, Willows staff and health professionals work closely with parents and families to promote deaf awareness and a deaf friendly learning environment which benefits all the pupils.

HISR Criteria 2019

HISR Local Offer 2019