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Across school, our Science curriculum is underpinned by the key foundational knowledge and concepts, both substantive and disciplinary, as set out in the National Curriculum.  The curriculum is taught through a range of purposeful, hands-on, engaging opportunities and through child-led inquiry which will develop pupils’ science capital. This learning stimulates pupils’ curiosity to further inquire about the world around them, developing a life-long love of science which we hope will continue into the future.
From EYFS to Year 6, science is viewed as the exploration of aspects of the natural world. Our understanding of science is constantly changing and evolving. The progressive and sequential curriculum leads learners to an appreciation and awareness of the world as it is viewed from a scientific perspective. It encourages curiosity and ingenuity, and enables the children to develop an understanding of the world. We also help children to develop a sense of responsibility regarding the impact of their actions on themselves, others and their world.

Science Long-Term Plan

Science Knowledge Progression

Science Vocabulary Progression

Post-it Investigation Planning Boards

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